BlueMed network

The BlueMed Network was formed in 1986 by eight different organizations that decided to work together in the Mediterranean, North Africa and Middle East region. This network now includes a large number of individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations and Humanitarian groups. The purpose of this network is to work together to promote unity and compassion, developing leadership skills, personality, caliber, etc. and multiplication.

In 1996, Edwin, the current Administrator, attended for the first time and his first contribution was to invited BlueMed to his home country. The BlueMed leadership agreed and in 1997 BlueMed transferred the administration to Edwin.

To fulfill its call, the BlueMed Network is always looking for those who are committed to working with others, on the basis of relationship.


For these last 20, years we have successfully hosted many conferences and consultations where networking and collaboration was the main trust.

We have also provided training to different entities on the synergy of working together.

If you are a non-profit organization and would like to know more about partnering, colaborating and cooperating with like-minded organization, contact us!


Most of the consultations we host are by-invitation only, so one will need to write to see if they can be invited.

If you need more information, please write to 

Ethne to Ethne - December 3 to 7 2018 To download a flyer CLICK HERE

Vision 5:9 Network Assembly - February 22 to 25 2018
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